While on a trip to Nepal, our group took a trek through the Annapourna region of the Himalayas. One of my friends and I were talking as we waited for our helicopter ride up into Jomson and called me by my nickname Lar-dog (the roots and story behind this nickname would require a website of its own).

Our guide John, a stocky native Nepalese man, began laughing hysterically as he pointed to me. Between his laughter and trying to catch his breath we kept saying ‘Kukur…. Kukur….” It took a couple of minutes to calm John down, and after he explained what he was saying to us, the nickname just seemed to fit.

So it has been a little game to find out how to say ‘Dog’ in the different languages of the nations I have visited or from those native to another country (Alika, Anjing, Ke, Sebacca, Perro, Kukur, Kuta.)

In 1990 Lawrence Mowery received his first SLR 35mm camera from his parents as a graduation gift. That camera, and the desire to create using the photographic medium, would take him to places he would never have dreamed possible.

LBeachAfter being accepted to Brooks Institute of Photography a year later, he relocated to Ventura, California to attend the highly accredited photography school. While trying to save money to attend Brooks Institute of Photography, Lawrence enrolled at Ventura College and started taking photography courses to refine his skills and get more darkroom experience. His instructor, Terry Timmons, who was a student of Ansel Adams, helped and refined his photographic and darkroom techniques. Lawrence’s time at Ventura College was well spent as he continued to work and shoot photos of the Ventura coast.

In 1996, Lawrence joined Y.W.A.M. (Youth With A Mission) and was their photographer on several trips including Nepal, Australia and Indonesia. The people and places that he photographed on these adventures would redefine not only the person that he would become, but the photographer that he wanted to be.

After two years with Y.W.A.M., Lawrence settled down in his home town, and began to do freelance graphic design, webdesign and photographic services under the company name of Kukur Enterprises. For more than two decades Lawrence has been offering his photography and design services full-time to the public. However, in 2010, he left the full-time work for other endeavors. Today, Lawrence is only available on a limited basis and accepts clients only through referral from past clients.

Although this bio is only a mere morsel of the events that have contributed to Kukur Photography, it can all be attributed to the grace, love, and confidence that has been given to them by his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It has been through his trials and sufferings that “produces perseverance; perseverance produces character; and character produces hope. And hope does not disappoint us.”